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Your acts prove who you are - Pullover

Your acts prove who you are - Pullover

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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Real actions express and change more than just words.

The more often you or others visualize this, the more you adjust yourself to actually turn something into action. Often one talks about great deeds or what should or could be changed in the world.

One even puts the responsibility into the hands of political parties and believes that they would change something or that the current party would just be an exception and the good would come after them automatically. But political parties are only being voted if the mass media and schools support them or at least remind of their existence. For this a lot of money and control are required.

You also meet many who always preach that you should change, but do not even create change within themselves. That's why we always have to look out to turn our goals and freedom into action and think about acting directly when the thought or a chance comes up.

Product features

Material:100% poison-free Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Size:The size is relatively large
Your acts prove who you are - PulloverYour acts prove who you are - PulloverYour acts prove who you are - Pullover