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From 5 minutes work per day to earths conquest

The evolution / progress of civilization is a false claim

Media and school claim all the time that civilization would be good and would have developed as a requirement of a necessary progress. But, was this really an enrichment? By comparing wild living humans or animals with todays work men / machine men, an enormous difference becomes obvious. During daylight people work hard, in the morning and evenings they prepare food, wash themselves, repair stuff and do stuff like housekeeping. While only a few minutes to hours of free time are left over, unless you have someone else doing it for you, animals seem to play around on each other in a very relaxed way and just grab a bit of food from time to time when they feel like it. You just grab a fruit, an insect, a plant or even attack an animal depending on your environment. Only the winter stock and winter warmth require work. Everything else was optional and done out of fun in all the free time wild people had. And they had so much left over time feeling like an infinity in paradise, to make each other happy in various ways as well.

An overview of the takeover of the earth

In short:
Mesopotamia -> Greece -> Rome -> Spain + France + England -> Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa
south east China -> Todays China

In the course of the video you can see which way the conquering chain took. The main chain reaction started at the red area called Sumer. There are some additional areas which are colored in the video, because they were found to have advanced tools. But you can still easily see the course of the viral spread. We recommend to read the text for a more accurate course :-)

When the humans on earth were still free and lived wild, the evil began - about 9000 years ago. About at the same time in Mesopotamia = Babylon (today south Iraq) and in south east China the so called "civilization" appeared. Money, religion, direct slavery a control system and work existed for the first time.
According to our research there was no area on earth which attacked another area before having been attacked itself before by one of the already infected areas in a chain reaction. Every time a new area was attacked or when it was influenced right before it was attacked, the areas also received slavery, money, a control system and religion. South east China expanded more slowly and was later simply mainly called "China". A large area. That's why we will concentrate on Mesopotamia. Especially, because this is the origin of slavery for most of us (Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Russia).

About 9000 years ago a handful of people forced many others to attack and enslave other people for them. If they did not obey, they were tortured or killed. Today this still happens indirectly through poverty due to a highly obfuscated system. A large area around todays south Iraq up to Egypt and Greece was conquered at first. After Greece was taken over, the area of Mesopotamia has been split up to many "countries". Now an even much larger area was taken over under it's new label "Greece" until they nearly reached Rome and simply walked in, since barely anyone lived there, continuing further as Romans. Rome conquered north Africa and the border of Europe. Lastly Spain, France and England. Then Rome was officially bankrupt, has split up as usual to many "countries" and continued mainly as Spain, France and England. These areas then took over the rest of Europe with the help of all previously infected areas about 1500 years ago. Then America about 400 years ago, Australia and Russia 300 years ago and Asia about 100 years ago. Lastly, Africa from 1960 to 2010. Now the whole earth was at least conquered once, wherein England had almost attacked every country on earth already.

Four easy ways to prove the takeover of the earth by things everyone knows

- Influences: From today, backwards to the past: English is the world language. Right now you are reading Roman letters. Languages are described in Roman (Latin) through "grammar". Medical terms are Roman (Latin) words. We use Greek math signs (alpha, beta). alpha beta -> alphabet(a). The Roman alphabet was obviously taken over from the Greeks. And Mesopotamia? Their symbols are on half of the worlds country flags and used as symbol for the most powerful organizations. For example the two headed eagle, which was used as symbol for "one of those who came from the sky" 9000 years ago or the one headed eagle, used on the flags of e.g. Germany, America, Russia and Egypt. No matter what the translation of "those who came from the sky really meant - according to the history of where this conquer chain started, according to the "religion" those guys created a new human race, because the previous ones protested against mining gold for them after 90 days.

- What was here before the conquest?: Germanic villages, Native Americans, shaman villages, monk villages. At least the history of the first two groups should be known to everyone and is proof for the enforced civilization as well as the mass murders and slavery stories. Even the monks were systematically wiped out, just like the Germanic "witches". To be equal to racism against Germanic people through selection of hair color and the genocide against all people with knowledge, just as the Romans and the other offsprings burned books and the Library of Alexandria.

- Religion: Most popular religions obviously derived from the story of Babylon, as for example the bible. We suspect the word for "those who came from the sky" was changed into angels and god. And their creation to the chosen people of god. A story about / where one day "one of those who came from the sky" went to a man on a mountain and told him to turn his wooden house into a ship and take plants and animals on board - a flood would come / became the story of Noah, in which god is angry, because people built a tower to reach god in Babylon, so an angel flew down to Noah, telling him god will flood the world and to build a giant ship and take 2 of every animal on earth on board. This would fit relatively well, since there would be a clear loss of accuracy and plausibility. Repeated translations usually cause a loss of information or people tend to fake contents on purpose.

- Family inheritance: The following text was shortened due to a misinterpretation which was conditioned and grown by a huge part of the mass media. As a warning, a common origin does not mean that all people of the same origin have to be evil. Due to prejudices we can not mention these families. By looking at the flow of money it looks very likely that this information exchange preventing world view has been conjured to hide and protect these families, who partially proudly talk about being responsible for several wars for the sake of profit. However, if you're curious it's easy to use Wikipedia to check which people are at the top of each the ownership chains of company networks and to track the origin of such people back to Babylon, since all their ancestors were famous. The reason for this is that money and power increase exponentionally. The more you got, the more you additionally gain. And since there isn't an infinite amount of money, many ways come into existance which take the stuff and work force away from people away instead, which keeps them stuck on the poor classes. Production for example is getting cheaper, information has only be gained once, like subconscious programming to make people buy something. Resources can be shared. Politics can be created and controlled. Even wars can be created if a multi billionaire feels like it or wants more profit.

An opinion of your own is however left to yourself. This is not a call to resist or forcibly look at anything negatively. Should anything be incorrect, even though the conclusions were discussed an enormous amount of people or should not have been treated neutrally, we ask for your correction through the contact form. The submitted information will be checked and the text corrected if we find enough plausibility. With the publication of this article we persist on the rights of free speech, no censorship as well as the freedom of press rights. Thank you.

Self investigation through Wikipedia and history websites about the first occurences of the use of money, religion, civilization, war and direct slavery of every single country on earth. Since it's about an overview between over 200 websites from long ago it makes no sense to regather each of them, Since no idea was taken over, it is not obligatory to do so either. You are free to use and spread our knowledge to anyone for the purpose of helping the whole of humanity and other life forms.

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