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Hidden resistances and censorship

Some Germans call the media "Lückenpresse", which means they leave out specific details and topics instead of lying, not exluding that the media lies all the time, of course. The media always acts as if the whole world would be different from what it is and that everything would be alright, except for "evil" groups, people and animals that have to be hated and hunted down.

Censorship on Twitter, Youtube, Google, Facebook and question-answer platforms

On twitter barely anything is censored at ll. However, it's a meeting point of many terrorist groups who organize atacks against people or groups to cause them fear or to get groups or the state to take them down by mass reports and letters by acting as if the targets did anything evil. By causing fear they also plan to make people stop spreading information, doing anything or bring them to suicide. According to a member of the B**ck Bl** terror group Twitter is also used to organize physical crimes against targets by using code words. We also became a target of a hate campaign which pulled text pieces out of context in an attempt to defame us. The cause is a t-shirt design with the colors of the German flag (black, red, yellow), which wasn't even designed by a German. The group already called everyone to action to steal any German flag and hands their members magazines advising about how to trick the police when causing physical harm to people or large objects. Even a German news reporter was involved, who has a profile picture of the banned terrorist group and sympathises with this group.

In the year 2018 Youtube was finally turned into a machine that prefers to show certain contents and has recently only given search results and recommendations like pop songs. For a long time the start page was already only filled with uninformational or manipulative content. Even when you substribe certain Youtube channels, in 2018 Youtube tries not let you see that they have new content and prefers propaganda over it. Most of the questionining channels also noticed that their views and ratings keep loosing massive numbers step by step repeatedly, as if the numbers are being manipulated if the content questions the system.
We recommend, and as alternative. You should always try to run a search on "truth" first and compare the results. Check whether they are pop songs and false flag conspiracy theories or neutral crictical research with proof which everyone can confirm.

When YouTube highlighted a positive video about taking more migrants on the start page, Youtube shot their own leg. Even though the ratings have been repeatedly and massively "corrected" by millions, 90% of the ratings were still negative and hundreds of comments about censorship of comments and rating manipulation kept being reposted by everyone. The mass acted together to post each others censored posts to fight censorship. Regarding this topic we would choose the middle path - to stop wars and help the people in their own country so they don't have to lose their home. But we don't want to influence your opinion.

Google, which purchased YouTube many years ago, also censors not only websites with a list from the government. The search function has long been changed to only display propaganda media (news pages) on the first search result pages. Alternative media is not displayed and many system questioning websites completely removed from the index. The German word for news is a manipulative word itself. Nach-richten means to go by, or in other words take them for real, as if it is real.

Facebook removes system critical postings and unwanted opinions, according to a young quitter from a deletion center (source: According to this information a higher position kept pressuring the employed deletionionists and kept watching them over their shoulders. Especially before elections there was a person from the state, telling the higher ups to pressure them more, after which they had to delete even stricter than before. Anything that might reveal lies about political parties which are untrue and anything neutral or positive about political parties we're not supposed to vote was supposed to be deleted. Speaking for ourselves, we do not want to get involved in politics, but couldn't find a better example.

The German platform called is the biggest question answer network in Germany. Gutefrage censors postings without informing anyone of the deletion. In our tests 180 of 250 system doubting postings have been removed. It even happens during the night at 4 am. We also found other members with several thousand postings who left the platform shortly afterwards, because the censorship was too intense. We also met one who got banned, although all his postings were also written with love and kindness, nothing evil within. In comparison, postings about health or alcohol have never been deleted. Whether it's done out of fear about punishments for so called "hate speech" laws and "fake news" laws, or in other words, questioning the mass media lies, is debatable. Elitary media however got an extra law to be allowed to claim anything and are free from any of such laws, while it should actually be the opposite way around.

Removal of open minded spectators before TV filming

In this video the "Secret Service" as they say themselves, removed people from a political speech event, like an old woman holding a post "Bush = Romney" in her hands. To viewers this will look like they have no choice to vote, of course. According to a German TV documentatry also 1/3 of the public comes from the CIA, who could of course clap and act happy. Due to their job they also have to act positive toward the system either way, in fear of their job.

Here in Germany the German secret service is supposed to check the background on everybody who goes near political events through whatever spy data they got. If there's still someone between the mass who "disturbs" the event by saying the truth, even if selected by the event holders to speak, they are forcibly removed and eventually punished by law and removed from the recording or displayed as evil. Still, at least sometimes a mass of people yells "liar scum" and single people dare to say the truth or ask questions, even if they are ignored and thrown out.

Forged political opinion talks on TV

In the tax financed German media political talk rounds are arranged this way according to multiple people who had been selected to join them:
- All invited talk guests play through the whole talk at least once together before it's being filmed
- If someone doesn't fit, they are removed if they can't be changed
- The spectators in the studio receive commands on posts like "clap now".

Rarely it happens that someone still says something differing from the simulations. Those people are yelled over, talked into shutting their mouth, thrown out or imprisoned, since some research isn't allowed. Many people think the deceased reporter Udolf Kotte was murdered for telling the truth about media lies through his books and interviews. Shortly before he died his Facebook account was locked, so he couldn't have said anything while he's getting killed.

Removal of resistant politicians

Without money supplier or media ownership no party will get voted, of course. Whenever a politician still doesn't do what their money suppliers or the media wants them to do, they are quickly diffamed and their power removed by other politicians strategically (examples: a new party "AfD" in Germany is not allowed to join specific positions, although they are qualified by votes to receive seats). Unwanted policians school exam answers are supposed to be faked, child porn is supposed to be found on their computers. Bribery examples of the past are laid open. Against unwanted parties like the AfD there are repeated law cases against them, robbing them of their electronics and taking their time, sometimes their car screws loosened, the house walls painted with hatred, the windows broken and politicians nearly killed by physical attacks. Law cases against the party usually find them not guilty, but the media still only reports about the members being searched for their supposed evil crimes, not about them being innocent. Of course, the media also creates hatred and demand to ban any unwanted party. Jürgen Möllemann was a relatively resistant politician as well. He died on a parachute accident with the official version, he'd have suicided.

Citation of Horse Seehofer (German politician of CSU in 2018): "Those who decide aren't elected. Those who are elected don't have anything to decide."
Citation of Amschel Meyer Rothschild (powerful banker, 1838): "Give me control over the currency of a nation and i don't care who makes their laws".

People who ever had anything to do with unwanted groups on an official list ever in their life may not join a political party. By checking the list we found that many of those groups only appear to represent meditation, questioning the system and peaceful resistance as goal.

Resistance hidden by the media

I alone as writer alone already know about at least one demonstration against the system and it's inhumane crimes per day in average in Germany. The media never mentions any of these demonstration. Maybe one or two, but always with the lie and false imagery to claim the demonstrations were taken out by nazis out of hatred, although many demonstrators are old people any many aren't German or the topic is simply to stop wars. Whoever looks closely on actual film material displayed in the media will see what is actually written on the posts, although the media is known to edit away some words to hide truths written on posts: Lines against slavery and for bringing everyone together. For example there are recurring demonstrations against military drone camps (e.g. Ramstein: in Germany, from which North Africa is being bombarded. The military employees were told to stay very far away from the demonstrants, because they would be dangerous, although they only demonstrate peacefully. This way the soldiers don't hear any truths which might influence them.


Concealed or as Nazi march depicted demonstrations

Since most resistance demonstrations are surrounded by the partially state financed Antifa, who cause massive noise and stop people from entering the demonstrations, the main purpose of demonstrations is lost. This way nobody hears what the demonstrations are really about or learns anything. This group also causes violence and causes the police to command the demonstration to dissolve for safety reasons. An American friend believes that their Antifa is financed by Soros. Many German politicians have direct or indirect contact with this person as well, for example through business strategy meetings.


Pro system demonstrations paid as PR measure

Not rarely you can find projects on PR portals where companies are looking for paid demonstrants for a specific target which will then be filed and displayed on the media as important demonstration. Often state financed through different offices or by tax supported groups who fight for or against an opinion.

Für die, die den Begriff PR (Public Relations) nicht kennen: Ziemlich jede größere Firma kauft oder schreibt PR-Berichte, um sich über Medien positiv darzustellen oder etwas für den Verkauf derer Produkte anders für Menschen erscheinen zu lassen. Wie beispielsweise die Erschaffung von "Mode", obwohl sich das Aussehen von Bekleidung in Wahrheit nie ändert. Auch ich musste bereits für Firmen arbeiten und PR organisieren. Es besteht nit nur die Möglichkeit, sich nicht die Zeitungsartikel zu erkaufen, sondern Radiosendungen und TV-Sendungen über den eigenen Betrieb berichten zu lassen oder Schleichwerbung einfließen lassen. Die Preise beginnen bei 80¤.


Defamed resistance movements

To make resistance movements look different from what they are, especially false flag groups are being created and displayed as fake example, with the side effect that some people actually even become more like such fake groups or join them, just because some motives match.

Different resistance movements which are displayed as evil by media and schools and don't even know of each other as what they really are in most cases or even hate each other, as planned, are listed here:


Officially Anonymous is rather named as hacker group in order to have an excuse to hunt down peaceful activists by law. That it's mainly a legally acting resistance against corruption, however, is kept secret. By experience Anonymous gained its first giant group by a media mention which only faught against Scientology, as well as another large group which mainly consises of trolling and random content without organization. Both gained their members from the media attention and have thereby been flooded by media zombies.
Anonymous is neither directly a group. Anyone who wants to do something for the wellbeing of all can act and count themselves to Anonymous. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us.

Then there was also a core resistance group called WITP which researched and revealed media lies and corruption together, organized to spread truth in the world and organized different actions and demonstrations. The founder already knew about the persecutation of revealing too much info, so he had the goal to make everyone found their own group once the group reached 300 users to organize better, grow and be unstoppable. The site was quickly flooded with FBI-agents of the CoIntel team and bots which tried to prevent information exchange completely. It was the time in which the so called "trolling" was created and used for disinformational purposes to prevent communication. The address data of the owner of the forum platform of WITP were publicated and his work place terrorized by calls, so he lost his job. A large Anonymous group was manipulated into attacking WITP. A program was distributed in an IRC chat in which one only has to enter a target website address. There were always just three people who repeatedly spammed a goal to animate everyone to attack what they dictated, using the illusion that the majority would want to. In truth the targets often were of economic interests of company networks. Programs were used against WITP to post something useless in 30 old topics at once to hide relevant new topics with truth and wisdom under the topics which are being pushed to the top. Many groups and websites shared the same destiny. There are also brain wash channels on YouTube which condition people to spam disinformation similar to truth for fun. Such people were for example sent to websites like the german petition platform openpetition after people learned a lot from each other in exchange through petition comments and truth began to spread virally. They were told to take part in a petition to create a Star Wars star destroyer. The brain washed mass has stayed there ever since and destroyed the websites communication permanently.


Groupings with the base goal of self improvement and world improvement. There are however thousands of sub groups and many harmful media personalities as well as rulers wear their signs. Hitler persecuted Freemasonry, saying Freemasons would have been infiltrated by the "world jewry" and enslaved humanity with them together, controlling politics and media. Today Hitler would probably be called "conspiracy theorist", since all his actions were based on this assumption. His political party itself used consciousness / spiritual teachings similar to that of freemasons and has placed them as symbols on many objects and buildings, but avoided specifically any j**ish teachings, which are the main view of Freemasonry. Many Freemasons believe that Freemasonry is only about 400 years old, keep forgetting however that one of the stories they play through is about the erection of the Temple of Salomon, which should be thousands of years old.

Mention of Hitler about Freemasons / Persecutation of Freemasons
The following audio file is purely informational material for the purpose of historical documentation!
We distance outselves from any content and only want to prove the mention of Hitler about Freemasons, which is closely related to the persecution of Freemasons.


The Illuminati is apparently an old Freemason group which was pushed by the mainstream media as shadow government. That's why the term is now generally used on the internet to describe any shadow government. Since Wikipedia texts about this and similar research cannot be trusted we can only look at the word Illuminati itself. it means enlighteners. The spreading of light is synonymous with spreading truth or wisdom. It's no wonder that Lucifer is a topic for certain groups, because its Roman for "light" "carrier". Further reasons can be found under the group Satanists described below. names of gods are being used as codes for specific spiritual states. The alchemists of the middle ages already had to call the highest state of mind gold in order to flee persecution by the enslavers.

Left wing

Left originally meant in Europe to be socialistic, or in other words to do something against capitalism, which causes us to fight each other. Those are however the goals of anyone who can look a little further. It's just another system that puts people who talk about money control into a box.

False flag versions are here the social parties who claim to be left winged would mean to hate the right wing and to help people in need, without giving further detail. Furthermore the partially state financed group Antifa (recognized as terrorist group in America) carries out crimes like assaults, property damage of people who think different, theft of German flags before a soccer world championship and prevents demonstrations. It's organized crime wherein even magazines are handed out which explain how to best trick the police.

Right wing

Right wing meant to be national or patriotic. Or to want to keep alive the culture of the corresponding lands or culture circle in which someone is. Not understandable for everyone, since German culture has already been nearly wiped out and the language keeps getting more simple and robotic, so people don't know how life was like in the past. Parfume and makeup make it appear as if there is no need to split up into groups for different culture interest, temperature peferrences, interests and food preferrences. Seeing a national binding may not be as efficient as seeing oneself in each and everyone and caring for the sum of all, which would currently include a national binding as well, however, nearly all humans are still not ready to think that far due to media influence and indoctrination.

The false flag version here are foreigner hating violent skinheads who love hitler and the group Pegida (controlled opposition).


Spiritual Satanists are people who are convinced that the Romans have nearly extinguished the Germanic connection to nature by using a replacement "religion" and witch huntings. They say that Satan is the embodiment of wisdom and love and was once Odin, a wise Germanic forefather and even say he was one of "those who came from the sky" (from the history of Babylon/Mesopotamia, where the slavery began).

In the bible demons have the names of the original nature spirits. We have confirmed this with a bible lexicon successfully. Shamans (later called "witches") asked these for wisdom and asked for good weather. Satanists hate J**s, since they are convinced they would have enslaved the world and would control the media.

This could however be a satanist version belonging to the "New Age movement", which has the goal to fuse all religions to once. Many think this is negative, because the new age direction also has a controlled opposition part which tells you not to change anything in this world, cause you'd just be here to learn.

Interesting to notice is here that Satanists, other than Freemasons and the occultism of Salomon call demons as friends and make a trade with them. Others however learn to control their body energy to protect against them and try to force them to act for them. Often they first call angels to control them, before talking to the demons. In the story of king Salomon of the Temple of Salomon he locked all the demons into lamps to enslave them.

False flag versions: Bloody rituals, our enslavers, stars, horror films, Church of LaVey. LaVey is not 100% far from practices of Satanism, is however the display child of the media and does not have rules with a connecting logic, far from the reasons of original satanism. People are being baited by hatred against other religions, which people generate, since they are annoyed by different official religions. So again likely a division tactic.

Shia ("Terrorists")

According to an Arab friend who was part of it, this is an old Islamic resistance which does still not agree with taxes or laws which would enslave them. Officially the Shia are persecuted as terrorists. He also got a visit from an official anti terror organization, was however, thanks to his ability to express truth well, able to convince them that it's actually not what the official side claims it to be. In Germany it's of course unthinkable of to use weapons to defend against tax and enforced behaviors. The I**lamic State exterminated the Shia in areas they took over systematically, since according to them, they would not strictly follow the rules of the quran.

Original Christianity

Originally it seemed to be about the discovery of planetary and energetic movements. Christ was the energy which flows through us which had energy / psychological systems describing them world wide. The truth and the light. Here however we are missing more data. Of course you are welcome to send us leads, so we can research further.

The most logical explanation for god is life forms working together which found the best possible goal as common goal: maximizing the wellbeing of all life.

False Flag Version of the manipulated Roman version is thereby the TV version of a man in the sky, which may not even be done according to the bible. To be more exact, the bible has been put together from multiple sources. Between them a modified version of a history of the beginnings of the usage of money, control systems, direct slavery and wars around Babylon (Mesopotamia), wise teachings of a prophet, as well as poems and phrases of different writers.


Scientology introduced itself at an event of the anti censorship party of Austria. According to them they only receive fees from their members to pay taxes and costs for buildings and showed a wise film. They said their religion would be about researching indepenently and to find insight. According to the German Verfassungsc**utz (state organization against terror) is being observed, because they would want to take over the world. As result of our own research the goal of Scientology, by their words, is to replace a system controlled by finances with controlling people who were accepted by psychology tests to be very wise.

False flag version: A religion with a science fiction story which tries to bait insecure people, requires high fees and persecutes people if they try to quit. School books and the mass media create this version.


Witch was the label given for Germanic people with old nature knowledge by the Roman oppressors. Herbal knowledge for healing, knowledge about psychology and body energies, knowledge about processes of nature combined with planetary positions, as well as psychological blockages. Since the Romans also took in some Germanics as lower class people when enforcing their "civilization", not turning all of them into slaves, any remains had to be burned, both objects and people. The same also happened further south in the precious Library of Alexandria. According to historical records, when this area was enslaved by the Romans, huge mirrors were used to burn down incoming ships

False flag version: Magic casting evil and ugly creatures from films and celebrations who invite children to them to devour them.

Users of ancient eastern practices (monks)

Even in Asia a system about states of consciousness and body energies, similar to occult systems, was developed. It had been improved over thousands of years and is called the chakra system. We, as well as single Freemasons tend to prefer this system, since it is simple and does not split up anything that could already be one in the first place. In the j**ish body energy system of the tree of life each state of consciousness is divided into a male aspect (risk -> reach something) and a female aspect (safety -> be bound), which have to be merged first. Chakras can be imagined as energy flow which gives us power to think and immense physical power if we go along with the will of the body and everything surrounding it. Seen from a different angle the energy can be seen as brain rewards to help others. It's about teachings to reach self awareness, remove thought blockades and remove resulting body problems like in "a stone fell off my heart" or "a lump in my throat".

False flag version: Official Buddhism as religion. Chakras as pure magic, like in the anime series Naruto. Almost all descriptions of chakras today are completely falsified, so it's hard to find real ones. But it's possible with the will and understanding to recognize plausability.

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