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Your influence is always now - T-Shirt

Your influence is always now - T-Shirt

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This t-shirt permanently brings a conscious realization about it being no use to say or think:
Now I reacted too late! - Would I just have..! - Later I have to ...!
Because the thought and influence are always now and can neither influence the past nor our our future thoughts by our actions.
When editing the thought process for the future we have to prepare for a moment in which we are standing in the "now" again, because that's what the process will see.

In the past we always took the best decision within our back then available thoughts. That's why you cannot blame yourself or others, as long as they did not want to consciously harm others. There's a reason for everything.

To optimize the decisions one has however to become conscious about the thought which we prepare for the future and optimize is always a "now" which will have a present in mind. Often we first think that we are already too late and act nervously, although that is exactly the moment in which you could act.
In order to be ready for anything you always have to take into consideration that it's always time for actions >now<.

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Your influence is always now - T-ShirtYour influence is always now - T-ShirtYour influence is always now - T-Shirt