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There is no Death, only a change of Worlds - T-Shirt

There is no Death, only a change of Worlds - T-Shirt

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There is no death - just a change of worlds.
This wise phrase comes from shamanism.

Shamans are very wise people with herbal knowledge who move between the spiritual and physical words. That's why they know that the death is not the end. Before the earth was conquered step by step and enslaved - in the case of western and south Europe by the Romans - people lived in large groups world wide and had one shaman with them. Basically a village elder, psychologist and healer at once. Today shamans and "witches" are being devilized through games and films, so that one forgets which good part of us shamans really were.

The two triangles combine the synergy of the physical and the spiritual world between which we stand. Just like a shaman we can stand in between and shape the world around us. The top down triangle symbolizes the physical, like the woods. Still the woods try to grow into the height while they become more spiritual. The bottom up triangle stands for the spiritual, the thoughts and everything which we conclude and have to feel and isn't already burned into our mind by the loudest and most simple senses. The to us visible spectrum from red (slow) to blue (fast) is just a tiny bit of the infinite. Whoever is fit in spirit is filled with energy and can think far as well as give others power by encouraging them.

Who can conclude or feel very far quickly finds proof that we are already all life. Repeatedly our body falls apart during our lives, renews and the part which has fallen off becomes part of new life. This has happened infinite times before already. The overconcentration of nerves, especially in the eye, keeps us in the illusion that we would only be this body. Whether pain is concluded from your own leg correctly or misconcluded or the pain of someone else doesn't make much of a difference if you can properly simulate it. Even in our own brain many different "people" are living. When we are "reminded" of a word, another area in the mind is active which is very divided from the rest of the head. The illusion that we're "still" the same comes from each area standing before the same incoming senses senses if two areas try to exchange.

The upper triangle is not completely displayed, since forces which care only for themselves have too often hijacked this symbol to display themselves as something better without practicing the principle, so we need something new. Also Freemasons are very used to this principle. Often knowledge is however passed on wrongly or changed on purpose, so that some believe in a necessary dualism of the world.

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
There is no Death, only a change of Worlds - T-ShirtThere is no Death, only a change of Worlds - T-ShirtThere is no Death, only a change of Worlds - T-Shirt