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The acts prove who you are - T-Shirt

The acts prove who you are - T-Shirt

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Actions prove who you are, words just who you would like to be.

This T-shirt reminds us and others to rate by actually done actions and to actually put something into action yourself instead of pointing at others without changing anything youself or to keep running after possible manipulation attempts.

Harmful actions have to be made not worth to take out while also taking care of a karma balance for likely further harmful actions. Unconscious manipulators abuse that we believe in the good within people and rely on us thinking the harmful actions weren't intended. However, we can simply observe the total average of all actions done to a proper comparison measure and reward the good actions over average and make evil actions above average not worth it, just as well as influencing others to know the karma of the person.

Karms is nothing magical that surrounds us, although the air could possibly be filled with life forms taking out the karma as well. Mainly the karma is us - we who reward or punish.

If all of us give when its more helpful than it costs us, all have a big advantage.

Sadly, there is often a self powering circle in which people receive less help from others for their bad deeds and are treated badly for it. The harmer often thereby falls into the illusion that everyone else would be just as harmful as himself, just caring for themselves and uses it as an excuse to keep doing harm. That's why it is important to sometimes let others know of this karma process and why we have to give them less or harm them and that life could be so much nicer to them.

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
The acts prove who you are - T-ShirtThe acts prove who you are - T-ShirtThe acts prove who you are - T-Shirt