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Real Love is unconditional giving - T-Shirt

Real Love is unconditional giving - T-Shirt

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What is real love?

As many words, love isn't clearly defined. First people lived together in groups of 20 to 200 people without being separated by walls from each other. They treated each other as they would themselves. First the marriage introduced by the Church, or in other words the conquering Romans, which as enforced for a long time drifted us apart. Also the new massive buildings with doors which were brought by the Romans created walls between us.

Since love between exactly two people (and thereby the division from all other people) is still being brought into focus by the mass media, people forget where the word actually comes from. The media now even displays the love between two people wrongly. Here a given ritual of visiting movies and other activities and family scenes is copied. But love means unconditional giving between everyone / everything.

If every life form gives to others whenever these would create more well-being in others than the sacrified relative effort, the sum of all life forms gains an immense amount of fun and permanent progress towards even more fun, for example through immortality within better times.

If the cells within our body would only think of themselves and keep all the resources to themselves instead of sharing, the body would have long fallen apart. But that is not the case. Our bodies are filled with love. Exactly like the roots of the trees which also supply other plants with water :-)

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Real Love is unconditional giving - T-ShirtReal Love is unconditional giving - T-ShirtReal Love is unconditional giving - T-Shirt