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No one rules - T-Shirt

No one rules - T-Shirt

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Anarchy - A word devilized by the media. But what does anarchy actually mean? It's a life without rulers.

Laws often forbid punishing people who massively harm others even pushed millions of people or life forms into torture or killed them for a small advantage.
In an anarchy however a community between people can put up morals and discuss together how harm can be prevented in the future instead of blindly following commands from a book which was written by people who might live under the pressure of money and black mailing.
The most wealthy advertiser wins and can just defame enemy parties. Then a majority votes for a rule which is enforced unto a minority under the pressure of violence. That's why one could really see anarchy as a peaceful form of governance .. without government.

The violence however, which is blindly interpreted and executed, comes from ourselves. Together we can be the influence to decide more humane instead of living in fear to lose our job if we don't judge others by taking every word in law literally.

In the media anarchy is always being connected with chaos and violence. But is that really reality? Before the world wide conquest by the Romans and the thereby connected conquerors through a chain reaction the people lived peacefully without wars and had probabbly far more love between each other without a ruler than the people today. A few families of the tribes of 20-200 people back then may have had a main person, but usually just as wise person to take advice from, get psychological help and healing.

We are told of a stone age in which people would have killed each other for millions of years and would have spent all day hunting. But how plausible is this? Two million years in which nobody had an idea for improvement? If everyone kept killing without anyone doing anything about it, then there'd quickly be nobody be left on earth. If apes are similar to previous people, it should be possible to see there what happens. These live in an anarchy without problems and help each other out. Just there have been none or few machines on the earth it doesn't mean that it's good to build them to have a maximum fun life. That's also why one could think that this is the reason for why people weren't interested in "technological progress" which came here by war enforcement and instead just lived relaxed in villages without doors together.

When we play computer games we quickly forget that an animal doesn't just drop one steak in real life, but a cow actually gives off 600 steaks of usable meat. Besides from that nature would prefer to give us fruits freely. Whether people are meat eaters by nature would be visible when we try to eat raw meat like an animal and check whether it tastes good and gives us energy without hiding its taste under spices and warmth.

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
No one rules - T-ShirtNo one rules - T-ShirtNo one rules - T-Shirt