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Nature grants us everything we need to survive - T-Shirt

Nature grants us everything we need to survive - T-Shirt

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Nature supplies us with everything we need.

Again and again the television talks into us that humans had beaten each other up and just hunter and gatherered all the time to survive. But since there is no way to prove this, it can only be a claim. At the same time it is so easy to just look how animals live like. Monkeys for example lie around most of the time or play and cuddle with each other. If somebody is hungry, they simply grab for fruits from a tree or eat some plants or, in theory, snacks on some ants, like a fat monkey, since he likes them. ;-)

By calculation a farmer works about 6 minutes per day to nourish one person. Without technics however, let's face a theorie with cows, even if it's probably more healthy and especially today better to be vegetarian, due to mass animal keeping and animal medication exposure.
A cow grows for about a 3/4 of a year and gives off 300 kg of usable meat at that time, while also large amounts of milk are produced at the same time. That's about 800 stearks by one cow. This large amount is likely a special breed of todays time which didn't exist back then, but cows had fur instead. This way they were able to live on their own without any help. This means that when a group of 50-200 people surrounds a large area with a fence, the cows could live within it and there'd barely be anything further to do. A freezer wasn't necessary, because people lived together as a large number of people, like in the Gallic villages. This means a cow could be eaten in about two days. Heating wasn't needed, because people have let the animals live in a giant side room of their village house. Unlike today a houes did not have to be paid by 30 years of hard work. A clay house can be built within one day under good circumstances. Clay can be found where water does not seep away into the group. Just a winter supply had to be gathered, just as animals do as preparation for winter.

If you go into the woods today you can barely find any plants or trees with fruits and eatables. This could change relatively fast though, if we go back to living with nature. You have to pick the best looking and most healthy looking fruit, eat it, "gift" the world with your poo and a whole new tree will grow of this best picked type you chose. It's a closed cycle. There doesn't have to be a food chain in which everyone has to eat each other. We give the nature through our body "earth" and the air we breath out. The nature gives us back usable air and many kinds of fruit.
We live at a point of the world population in which it is just barely still possible to go back to nature by amount of land.
That's why laws which forbid us from living with nature have to be countered quickly.

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Nature grants us everything we need to survive - T-ShirtNature grants us everything we need to survive - T-ShirtNature grants us everything we need to survive - T-Shirt