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Life is like a Labyrinth - T-Shirt

Life is like a Labyrinth - T-Shirt

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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This design represents a metaphor for our life and laws which force us into cruel situations and to work all day long, just as in a hamster wheel every day through unseen power.

However much one looks for ways out.. In the end it's illegal to live in the woods, not to have a standardized house and you're forced by law to have connections to and use the watering system - and then basically have to pay breathing tax indirectly, also by enforced insurances. By being forced to earn a certain amount for taxes we are also forced to earn more and have to pay more taxes and have to own certain things to even be allowed to work, like a car, a computer, a good appearance and a mobile phone. If one tries to escape and live in the wild they will also be hunted by the police for the debts that sum up to a 6 digit number over the years.

The ever pushing engine is however to be found in ourselves. The police, which often blindly executes written laws instead of thinking about which action is actually harmful. Nowadays our good police in Germany, which was once known as the friend and helper of everyone turns more and more into machine men and might furthermore even soon be exchanged with real machines.

The depiction makes us aware that we do not live the way we have to, but that we are cog within a self powering engine in which we have to hold together.

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Life is like a Labyrinth - T-ShirtLife is like a Labyrinth - T-ShirtLife is like a Labyrinth - T-Shirt