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Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)

Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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Wake up, we are waiting for you!

There's a hamster shown on this t-shirt which displays is a simplification of todays life. We run throughout the same procedure almost every day. Stand up, eat, prepare food for the lunch break, shower, work, work, work, paper work, errands, shopping, eating, household, a short leisure work.. and sleep again. For many there aren't even any leisure breaks, because they live together and / or have to work more than the law allows them to.

Since many have already realized this and want to improve something together, but the others still speed up the hamster wheel which enforces the speed onto everyone else as well, it's important to show them their own lives. The displayed observers are those who already know what happens and are waiting for the others to accept reality in order for them to stop the running wheel.

Further explanation:
A job is usually given to the one who works most for the least instead of splitting up the work. Since farmers only work about 6 mintues per day to nourish one person, the people try to offer all kinds of work and objects in order to also receive a piece of the cake.
The same happens at school as well. If nobody overworks oneself, the grade system usually already adjusts itself within a school class and everyone pass through with a relaxed performance. If some are afraid of their future and just think short sightedly, because the future would be everything, they harm the others with it and are being called "nerds", in an attempt to grab them back to sanity.

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)