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Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)

Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)

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Wake up slave, we are waiting for you!

From our experience at least 30% of the people are convinced to know that we would live in a slave system, can however not speak about it in fear of a selective reality of others and persecution. So most of the 30% just speak about world problems between each other to avoid conflicts.

Since this t-shirt has a slight multiple meaining in it it's possible to create curiousity about there being something more. Some spectators can speak to you out of curiousity after a while who you can then at first give soft versions by talking about known world problems, like corruption, the automatic selection of workers who work most for the least amount of money or the mass animal husbandry to get them closer to this area and to think of you as sane and logical.

About modern slavery
At the moment the selection of employees works in a way which attempts to select those who work the maximum for the least.
This causes the problem that the few processes which are really necessary aren't split up, but instead to have everyone work as much as they can. With this the other people are also forced to try to trick others to buy stuff they don't really need or scam others or stealth from them.
It even goes as far that a huge amount of people is left over who don't find any way to earn money and are then forced by the social system to work for free or very cheaply as apprentice to change their profession repeatedly. Many companies abuse this and almost only consist of apprentices who are expected to work just like a fully experienced worker from the first day on without making any mistakes.
As soon as the apprenticeship ends they are usually not taken over as employee.

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)Wake up slave, we are waiting for you! (tophat version)