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Lying press - T-Shirt

Lying press - T-Shirt

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This satire displays the relationship of a media reporter. Since reporters depend on their money suppliers, who overactedly shown bribe them from behind, they cannot freely report the truth.

Which reports can be sent and which can't is always decided by the money flow. In Germany we almost have a media monopoly consisting of the interconnected company networks Axel Springer, Bertelsmann and the state channels, which are united under the name DPA and supply Europe and small newspapers with articles and claims. When the last part of the German media with a relevant size, Pro7Sat1 Media, was attempted to be purchased by these companies, at least the law prevented this to prevent a total monopoly. It was then instead sold to a media company in Luxembourg (2018).

According to two people who been invited, political talk shows first practice through the whole talks before filming. If there are any unwanted comments the guest can simply be thrown out beforehand. Rarely a person actually gets into the program, mentioning critical information in a live show, who are then thrown out for it. Like terrorists having been created by the secret service and are being exploited as reason to have America, Europe and eventually Russia bomb civilists together. At the same time big media whichs leaders often meet with high politicians, exploits terrorism to have an excuse  to expand surveillance and laws against their own people. Spectators on shows are even animated into clapping - not any different from Roman times.

It's also possible to call the media "Lückenpresse" in Germany. This means it leaves out certain things on purpose. That is, because it hides uncomfortable truths and talks them down and devilizes them. At the same time a false reality is created in which evil looking false flag groups are shown to defame different groups, or like with the group Anonymous, defame them as hacker, although it's mainly people legally exposing corruption and injustice. Hackers can be legally hunted down.

How many more evil dictators (usually not mentioned: who were voted / lead a party) who torture their own people, build nukes and make an evil face on media photos are there still to come?

New parties, whichs members don't meet with big corporations are usually displayed as nazis in Germany, even though for example the pirate party did have nothing to do with that. Also new parties are nearly never mentioned. Nobody knows the many parties which also exist as choice next to the main parties.
Why should someone vote one of those parties which have 0.0% of the votes anyway. It's very likely that the vote is lost, because the party won't reach the 5% minimum requirement.

The press receives the "freedom of press" to claim anything towards the mass, but at the same time people who uncover lies are being persecuted under the law of "fake news". Who defined what fake news are? Judges influenced by the media or judges of a higher instance who have gained their position through a relative who is a political main party member? Internet platforms which censor questioning thoughts for safety in fear of the law? About half of the people believe if something is officially claimed, it must be a truth and that all others "think too much", "read too much bullshit" or are "crazy", since the media and schools create a reality picture in which this would apply. Of course there are really many false claims to be found. The media itself keeps creating many false conspiracy theories which defames real research. Independent research is listed by Google in the last pages of the results or excluded completely, because official sources are, just as the school always taught us and rewarded us for, are more important and reliable.

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Lying press - T-ShirtLying press - T-ShirtLying press - T-Shirt