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Liars Apple - T-Shirt

Liars Apple - T-Shirt

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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This T-Shirt represents the happy curtain of the illusionary world which is preferred by many people in hope to feel better by stashing away the problems of the world and their surroundings, rather than fixing them.

The mass media offers the juicy apple here, consisting of lies. Usually the media doesn't lie directly, but acts as if the world is in harmony in which everything is alright (except for supposedly "evil" behavior patterns). However, actually since the first conquest against the Native Americans, Germanics, shaman tribes and monk tribes everyone suddenly had to work all day, had to live in increasingly smaller getting families, divided by walls. Media repeatedly displays supposed reality situations with multiple meanings in which any evil possibility is always the intended case. In reality however it's nearly always the case that people have good intentions and want to express the positive possible meaning. This way the media causes people to think badly of each other and causes division and hatred.

The previously mentioned supposed evil behavior patterns usually display a controlled opposition or fake group or rare copy cats copying the media. As a result people think of each other as being part of groups, boxing their view of them, just because they matched one or more behaviors of any of such supposed groups. Even mentionining specific information is enough to be targeted by prejudice. Originally people have the goal to increase the wellbeing for everyone, but are being associated with violence and harmful actions. It's very dangerous to name examples, because all groups which have been defamed through this type of manipulation are also partially pursued by law and violence. Left, right, rich (until 3 million USD), poor, christian, satanic - each actually got the same goal. It's all just divide and conquer.

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Liars Apple - T-ShirtLiars Apple - T-ShirtLiars Apple - T-Shirt