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If you don't stop anyone .. - T-Shirt

If you dont stop anyone .. - T-Shirt

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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If you don't change anyone, nothing will change

A t-shirt for anti capitalists, socialists, freedom fighters, vegetarians or any who still care about the 3rd world.

All influence always derives from yourself, since the world is basically already predetermined or incalculatable and can go into any direction in a chain reaction. That's why it's our goal to carry on the message.

This sketch comes from a victim of the 3rd world and can not only be seen as situation between us and the 3rd world, but especially rather about a small group of people who use their wealth to step onto the many helpless people.
The biggest damage in the world originates from multi billionaires and secret war drivers. While the TV and school display it as if our world would be fine, the damage against us and the 3rd world is coming from the owners of big corporations. In Africa, AMerica, Australia and Asia the hatred is thrown against the evil whites in Europe, because the change towards colonialization, exploitation, the introduction of school and the world of work is pressured from our places. They aren't really wrong about it, since we are much closer to the harm sources and could reach them to prevent them from harming others.

The solution is not to keep the damage running and to invite over the victims to our land, which clearly isn't good for them either, for example, because they lose their relatives and friends. But instead to already help them in their own country or even better not to let the tentacles of our harm sources reach that far.

Let's not keep stepping on those who are even more poor them ourselves in order to not get stepping on ourselves. Let's reach something!

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
If you dont stop anyone .. - T-ShirtIf you dont stop anyone .. - T-ShirtIf you dont stop anyone .. - T-Shirt