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Good News - T-Shirt

Good News - T-Shirt

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Finally some good news!
This t-shirt displays how a newspaper could look like without fear, hatred and manipulation.

Not always does the media spout direct lies, but the general calm behavior and the strategy of always leaving out information keeps up a wrong world picture in which everything would be alright while distracting with very small events wherein just 5 people died somewhere. In the meantime millions of people are being killed yearly in Africa and Asia and slavery is active in every country on earth. None of the daily German demonstrations against corruption and real world problems were ever mentioned on TV. Even if (0.2%), the media claimed these demonstrations would belong to an evil group, showing pictures out of place from deshaped or hairless people who couldn't even be found on such demonstrations. Not even the topic of the demonstrations is mentioned. For example many people demonstrated against the drone camp Ramstein and other camps which bombard helpless people in Syria from Germany.

Excuses are being used with fear tactics about supposed terrorists to limit our rights and expand surveillance endlessly beyond imhumane limits, ever since the 9/11 claim. No matter whether the regime is on our side - there can always be a worse regime which will exploit this observation put in place to torture or execute people who have an unwanted opinion.

The so called democracy is also being controlled by the media, since nobody votes for the parties which are enver displayed as existant by the media. It's always about the parties which always meet with the media bosses and cooperate with them to create new laws. At the same time hatred against anyone is being created who, no matter the topic, speaks against the one sided media opinion, both directly and indirectly. The media subconsciously connects speaking the truth or questioning any media version with cruel groups, murders and dark pasts which actually don't have anything to do with the information that is supposed to be evil.

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Good News - T-ShirtGood News - T-ShirtGood News - T-Shirt