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Demockracy - T-Shirt

Demockracy - T-Shirt

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This skip displays a hand hiding behind a policeman which controls the judge. If the judge would take the well-being of humanity into consideration, higher positions and different rules would take his power. Higher judges often get picked between relatives of politicians. As a result these help each other out and enforce laws which would actually go against German top priority laws to imprison people who simply have the wrong opinion, having spread information or neglected to censor the opinion of others if they did not match with the goals of political parties in power. A tax to collect money to finance a media company is also seen as illegal by many lawyers. Higher courts however don't see it that way and simply ignore other laws without attempting to use the mind.

What is a democracy?

The base thought of the word democracy was that people would be able to vote for laws directly. The kind of democracy that is in action anywhere however only lets one vote for groups which then vote for other deciders who then vote for different laws which they invented.

Advantages of a democracy

In total the people have a little influence over their law creators if elections are not being manipulated and are not being controlled by schools, the media or similar sources determined by capitalsm.

Disadvantages of a democracy

The majority can vote about enforcements for their advantage at the cost of the disadvantage of a minority.
A medium which reaches many people, like the radio, the TV, schools and religions can be abused to only ever mention political parties and their seemingly heroic deeds, as well as raise everyones mood for a certain action to be absolutely required. For example: Terrorists -> spionage on everyone in the country for safety. Should another party still be elected which does not act within the goals of big company networks which own the media worth billions, it can be defamed as evil and untrue crimes and goals pushed on them.
Let's say that so far only parties have been voted which act within the means of economy, or in other words the profit for big companies while other parties don't have big money suppliers for ads nor any media ownership (for example Axel Springers owner is a member of the CDU, 2018). If there are about 40 other parties with about 0.1% of the votes each which are unknown to everyone, but the established parties are obviously improvable, the people can never organize to choose a single party from the 40, while their votes are disregarded if the minimum of 5% is not reached for a party. Even with up to 50% the economic parties hold together and just overvote the other parties at law changes.
This means even if people knew of a questionable regime they could still only vote for the harmful parties since their vote would otherwise be lost. So a change without a lot of money backing it up is not possible. One could come to the conclusion that this is not a real democracy, but a money controlled dictatorship.

Alternative governance systems

Here are a few examples of alternative regimes:
Anarchy: Nobody rules over others. Small groups and moral rules are formed on their own and everyone lives as they like.
Monarchy: In a monarchy one person or family decides over the people within an area: like a country or a castle. Usually these are inheritors of royal families. Monarchy is an after-effect of the Roman world empire. Monarchy was abolished in Western Europe around the 18th century by the influence of Napoleon, a Freemason. Originally a few rich people like Newton lived within walls, protected by guards, while normal poeple had to live around it on fields, who decided about todays school contents. The system has been changed with the influence of Napoleon so that people are told they would now be free and can vote. It is however still the case that the system automatically maximizes the required work for each human, although technology should have lowered it - and only gives the choice between different leisure facilities and different things within the resting time - also very dependant on the social status in which people are born into.
Dicatorship: Actually the same principle as monarchy, except for this word not being abused for war influence to mainly make African politicians look evil in combination with evil looking photos of active politicians to have an excuse to attack their country. In theory the difference between a dicatorship and monarchy is that dictatorships usually don't only pass on within a family.

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Demockracy - T-ShirtDemockracy - T-ShirtDemockracy - T-Shirt