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Bees Matter - T-Shirt

Bees Matter - T-Shirt

19,90 EUR

Final price § 19 UStG.

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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There has been a massive decline of bees for a long time. Bees are important for plants and also for all of us. At the same time they are life forms with feelings. With this T-shirt we act for the bees and the environment

Bee confusion by sending signals
In an experiment a portable house telephone was put next to a beehive. One day later the bees disappeared. As humans we at least we have bones as a matter of partial protection from mobile phone waves, GPS, radio, WLAN and other wireless signals. Bees however feel disturbed and seem to loose the sense of orientation. Possibly this sense works the same way as of birds, which use the earth magnetic field as orientation.

Bee death by pesticide
Since by now almost all our food is being sprayed with poison (pesticides) to kill insects, this can also affect bees. Whoever is still able to afford it should buy organic products.

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Bees Matter - T-ShirtBees Matter - T-ShirtBees Matter - T-Shirt

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