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Mother Nature owns us - T-Shirt

Mother Nature owns us - T-Shirt

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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This piece of art is an expression and an a reminder of our beloning to nature.

Nature gave us fruits and animal without us having to give anything for them. As part of the circle we had chosen the best fruits and "gifted" the world with the nicest seeds and newly created fertile earth from which the best selected tree grew by itself and accepted each other without rituals.

It's a call to go back partially or even completely back to nature to live freely and peacefully between each other again, just like before the conquest against the Germanics, Native Americans, shaman Tribes and monk villages of the world origin - of the time when all land was once one.

To go back completely, many things have to be changed and at first many chains have to be loosened up which bind us to todays daily enforced and repeated machine life. For that the illusion of that which looks like safety has to be seen through. Especially the unconscious people replicate most, although there is a massive overpopulation in a sad and dead world and let their children live in it, while the conscious people die out and disappear from the world.
There isn't enough land in the world anymore to let every human and every animal live in freedom with healthy food.

Thereby only a partial step can be done towards the time before the conquest. The technology will have to be kept up by anyone who doesn't want to part with it. But there isn't as much work for it required as one would think, especially, because production processes became more efficient over time, so that there is still much room to be gained for a free life. A half of the work effort of the community alone is being invested into conditioning and paper work.

So: Step forward towards making it possible to voluntarily be allowed to live with nature!

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Mother Nature owns us - T-ShirtMother Nature owns us - T-ShirtMother Nature owns us - T-Shirt