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Palestine Genocide - T-Shirt

Palestine Genocide - T-Shirt

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Free Palestine

This illustration displays how Palestinians are imprisoned in between a wall while being bombarded from the outside, slowly, defenseless and helpless since 1945.

In Israel, which was founded in 1945 on Palestina, Palestinians were walled and pushed back by bulldozers and murders towards a small area of land, starving while under fire of artillery and sharpshooters.
A gigantic genocide which is mainly being kept a secret which was often belittled as a both sided mere throwing of stones.

About 10 years ago an old Australian, Max Igan and his friend used an escape tunnel to sneak into a walled in area to film there.
After the artillery hit it's barely possible to see anything. Just dust and smoke. When the smoke dissolved people surrounded the corpses with sadness and quickly carried them into a house to stack them onto other corpses. Within the enclosed area one can see improvised street lamps made of old lamps, bound to wires, besides from other signs of the area having been closed off from the world for a long time.

Many Israelites also demonstrate against the genocide. The foundation of Israel was a cooperation between England and a Zionist terror group. The second world war had a big influence on this, because many Jews already feared to be imprisoned with the beginning of the NSDAP. This was exploited by the Zionistic terror group to even kill a politician who wanted to allow the Jews to flee to their country. Near the beginning of the 2nd world war there was also the Ha'avara pact between the Zionists and Germany through which 50,000-60,000 Jews voluntarily moved to Israel with supportive funds to build up a new house.*

Why not just live in peace together?

*Source: (03.01.2019)

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Palestine Genocide - T-ShirtPalestine Genocide - T-ShirtPalestine Genocide - T-Shirt