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Palestine Genocide - T-Shirt

Palestine Genocide - T-Shirt

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Free Palestine

About 1945 Israel was founded on Palestine, which, roughly described, was given to the Jewish by England. According to the bible it is the promised land for the chosen people and is thereby important for Judaism. Both the first main politicial, as well as the first military leader came from a Zionist terror group which carried out acts of violence up to that time. A politician was killed who wanted to allow the Jewish people into their land during the 2nd world war. This act was probably religiously motivated to bring the Jews to Israel.

This already shows that the Foundation of Israel on Palestine is not the goal of all Jewish people. Also semitic people in Israel encourage to stop the genocide of the remaining Palestinians. It would have been possible to live together, even if with arguments. Instead the government made sure that the Palestinians were pushed into smaller getting areas using bulldozers and large walls onto a small amount of land, so they starve and die of thirst. As displayed on the t-shirt the left over area was shrinkened down further, so that only the last survivors can be saved.

An Australian, Max Igan, who we wrote with once, used escape tunnels to sneak in around the year 2010 and filmed how Palestinian people and children are being bombarded by artillery every day. Boom, boom boom.. everything was filled with smoke.. and when it dissolved there was blood on the streets and people cried and surrounded the corpses and those of their dead children. They gathered around the dead and stacked them up in a house.

Egypt flooded these escape tunnels as "smuggle tunnels" for drugs and weapons.

This topic is especially known in Africa. For example In Germany there was also a Demonstration in Berlin in the year 2018 where people demonstrated for the freedom of the Palestinians, especially coming from Muslims.

Free Palestine!

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Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Palestine Genocide - T-ShirtPalestine Genocide - T-ShirtPalestine Genocide - T-Shirt