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Laws protect the greatest criminals - T-Shirt

Laws protect the greatest criminals - T-Shirt

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Surely everyone has thought about a few questionable laws once. However, mainly just about laws which are completely senseless or just funny.

Is the law in a time in which employers are displayed as heroes even still neutral? Or does the problem lie at its executors like policemen and judges?
Many people are too afraid or don't have enough money and time to defend against companies which did them unright or scammed them.

Financial criminals under EU law can often freely cause harm by using their money without breaking a single law. With a capital of billions it's easy to cause harm, to make people fight against people who are supposed to carry hatred or even start a war by buying media reports or demonstrants (so called influencers). Also the market research about subconscious influence gets deeper and deeper and has to be prevented. Even if people know about it they can rarely do anything against financial crime, since self justice is forbidden.
This means financial criminals are being protected from their victims by the police instead of being searched for caused harm. This is what we want to express through our clothing.

Judges, who are for example supposed to prefer the German base law often act wrong out of fear to lose their position. If not then often a higher position with connections to certain political parties or groups or simply an own world view decide that the judgement was invalid and sometimes punishes the judge for it. We know this from a few cases in which the victims talked about it on YouTube. Since we are politically neutral and most cases might be about political persecution, we can not link to such videos. We recommend to research on your own. Especially on uncensored platforms from outside the EU.

The police has the largest room to decide, but sadly can't do anything as a single person about forced eviction (the state taking the house and things away) put on people who became poor due to taxes, because they also fear of their position. Since there are too many laws for everyone to know them and laws don't have to be followed blindly here, it's important that we don't think the police would be evil - we may not join them - so that by that belief unconscious or evil people actually take the spots. As policeman we have to care for the well-being of everyone and everyone living together peacefully instead of blindly following laws and punishing people on sight. Disputes can usually be solved where they happen without making use of the court. With naive people the principle that only laws exist which they believe in even works out. Many taxes remain unpaid simply, because they didn't know about them and they never see someone sue them for it.

The quality of judgement and interpretation of the laws depend on the education and the media in the environment we grow up in. Thereby you can say the media and school books which are often created by the same companies decide about the interpretation of laws and also decide about which laws "exist" and which remain unknown. Often the press and politicians even work together closely, as in Germany.

By now there are so many laws that many contradict each other and nobody can learn all the laws. Barely anyone in Germany knows that gifting has to be taxed. That's how those with a lot of wealth can highlight advanteous laws and keep others hidden.

There should only be one law. Maximize the sum of positive minus negative feelings for all that is and will be, with a certain free space.
Currently however only few are able to think that far and decide independently from external influences.

Since Facebooks data privacy is clearly illegal in the EU (see next paragraph, last checked Augst, 2018), thousands of people sue against the followup damage coming with Facebooks usage of their personal data. Over years Facebook kept pushing the lawsuits into the future due to formal errors, until after 10 years an Austrian court decided that a mass law suit is not legitimate, because nobody pays money to Facebook. Whoever has money on their side sadly usually got the advantage, because they can turn laws to their side.

Even though all recorded data on websites has to be explained in detail, Facebook is filled with lines like "and more" or "for example" and further usages. Facebook mentions several times that phone call lists, device information and written in multiple meaning the whole internet network around your device is being spied on. Not to forget external elements like like buttons through which Facebook could listen and observe on other websites. In the USA there is also a law through which companies can be forced to implement spy functions for the secret service. This means big companies cannot even qualify for our EU laws.

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Laws protect the greatest criminals - T-ShirtLaws protect the greatest criminals - T-ShirtLaws protect the greatest criminals - T-Shirt