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Against Surveillance - T-Shirt

Against Surveillance - T-Shirt

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World wide the surveillance gets tighter and laws are loosened more and more to imprison people for a wrong opinion. Just as a frog in a cooking pot which slowly warms up wherein the frog thinks everything is okay.
Silently and slowly the streets and houses fill up with cameras and microphones.

But where are all these cameras and why should random cameras of different producers be able to harm us if they fill the majority, compared to the surveillance devices of the state? Smarphones have cameras on both sides with a permanent internet connection and come with an included face recognition program as well as a voice recognition program, preinstalled for other purposes!

The base system (operating system) of smartphones which can basically do everything with the device and send it away without letting you know was produced by the same company for almost all devices. This company already only provides other services which all look like they only have a focus on collecting data about people and spying on them. This company also advertises everyone to wear camera glasses and was in the German newspaper for illegally collecting data from internet traffic while driving through the streets when photographing everything for a world mapping service.
Also, many of the free apps on phones require rights to access all your files, check your calls, use the camera and microphone.

The general media advertises to connect more and more cameras with a global network for face recognotion, so that the location and behavior of every persons is always known. More and more police quarters receive camera equipment in Germany, filming around the building, from cars and wearing cameras on the clothes as police officer.

Now there are additionally smart homes. Cameras in fridges, microphones in every room and internet control and surveillance of electricity and water.
And oddly everything has to be connected to the internet, although there is no advantage surpassing the extra costs and health damage.

What's also new are sender chips embedded in personal country ID cards and by now in nearly every bank card and insurance card. Smartphones which are able to send data, exchange with such cards and able to find your location are always within reach of these ID cards.
Besides from WLAN symbols on the bank cards the chip can be seen within the German ID card in the top right spot if held into strong light. The modification of the card is forbidden by law. At least there are so called RFID protection cases, especially to protect from hacking attempts through which people already deposited money from new bank cards directly.

According to an independent corruption investigation company the German media also pushed a law forward which now forces all doctors and hospitals to save all the health data of the patients at a data collection company, which so far lived from selling the data of people.

Now you could say it's been high time for about 2,000 years, since the cooking pot had been turned on for that long.

Product features

Material:100% Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Against Surveillance - T-ShirtAgainst Surveillance - T-ShirtAgainst Surveillance - T-Shirt