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Nature gives us what we need to survive - Pullover

Nature gives us what we need to survive - Pullover

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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Mother nature gives us everything we need.

Water, sun, air, fruits and vegetables exist for free in the wilderness. Normally it works this way: we pick a nice fruit, eat it, excrete its seeds and thereby grant the world new trees everywhere which give a much broader choice of fruit. There are also normally a lot more animals, so they they would have had a nice life to be almost fault free if you feed from them.

It's problematic that the world, especially germany, is completely overpopulated. It would be a smart move to have less children, but the system relies on the wise people dying out through this choice and slowly replaces the old with unwise people. This means we first have to be united or have control again.

The claim that humans had to hunt and gather all day cannot be true, because for example Germanic people had villages of 50-200 people and thereby did not need a fridge. They only needed to build a fence around animals with a lot of space, which could live on their own, because they still had fur. Thereby the only work necessary was to build fences and to have one person kill an animal every two days. During winter they even used the animals as heating by letting them live in side rooms of their giant houses. We recommend not to eat meat for the sake of the animals and especially today for your health, but rather eat fruits when possible and just use the animals as a useful example.

Product features

Material:100% poison-free Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Size:The size is relatively large
Nature gives us what we need to survive - PulloverNature gives us what we need to survive - PulloverNature gives us what we need to survive - Pullover