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Anarchy - Pullover

Anarchy - Pullover

45,90 EUR

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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No one rules if no one obeys

The machine is powerless if we don't force ourselves to move it.

Anarchy is nothing bad, as the mass media keeps suggesting subconsciously and held associated with chaos and violence. It merely means that there is no ruler, no lord or oppressor and under no circumstances excludes organization. Actually the law itself forbids to protect against the biggest harm sources of humanity and protects them.

Unlike animals, people can easily be brought to act out of fear of punishment for the use of others.
By the basic bricks of slavery, like health insurance enforcement, the land tax and the standartization of houses, which make living very expensive and inhumane conditions by the German job center we are indirectly being forced to work all day, since by working itself a lot more bricks are added to our backs. Additionally those who work most for the least get the jobs.

A farmer only works 5 minutes a day nowadays to nourish one person and it wasn't much different in the past, since animals still had fur and weren't in need to be taken care of.

In an anarchy one doesn't have to quit using technology. Only very few jobs are really necessary, so that a lot can be saved. Since everyone has to get a piece of the cake to survive, we are constantly exposed to phone scams, people try to sell us useless junk or try to scam us in other ways. Bureaucracy would not be necessary within an anarchy. Today about every company has to have at least one employee only for doing paperwork, as well as an accountant. Schools mostly just teach inaccurate claims and replacement systems, which you never need again, instead of teaching independent thought or expandable metaphysics.

Product features

Material:100% poison-free Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Size:The size is relatively large
Anarchy - PulloverAnarchy - PulloverAnarchy - Pullover