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Wake up or keep running - Pullover

Wake up or keep running - Pullover

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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Wake up slave or just keep running is the slogan about modern slavery on this pullover.

The tank represents both the situation of wars, as well as todays general work life, in which the people force each other to take part in. As origin very few stand on top who cause these wars with millions of victims for their personal benefit.

Even if there aren't enough people who volunteer to become a soldier, most likely the military will force people to become soldiers again, or as by now possible, unmanned bombarding drones will be used. But who forces the soldiers to serve? For this the German "Bundeswehr" had so called "Feldjäger", to hunt down anyone who didn't want to join them.

At work it usually goes like this: If one doesn't pay his taxes, the police comes to take all your stuff as well as your house and your land. It's ourselves who are these policemen who force us to do this. It would be a mistake not to join the police, because they carry out evil actions. This will leave their positions to unaware people who will cause much more harm in place. It's about us about whether we turn the police into the friend and helper as it was once called in Germany, which was at least partly entitled justly. The German mass media now makes it look like we'd be automatically treated and be taken care of. But "Hartz IV" keeps forcing the people to work at a maximum for even less money and forces people to hand in their last items, so that they become even more dependent und could barely ever come back out of the lower slave class.

This means we are the motor and the whip of an automatic system which stands in competition wherein only the "most efficient" can rise. And that is sadly always someone who would cause harm to others for his own advantage, because others wouldn't.

The all seeing eye or the third eye in the tank actually represents wisdom. But also the media created definition as so called symbol of the Illuminati fits perfectly. In the middle ages it was also a sign for god. It was probably taken over by the conquering chain from Mesopotamia thousands of years ago and with that taken into Masonic teaching as symbol for wisdom and later used as symbol for god. It can still be found within many big churches, surrounded by always the same golden rays around it

Product features

Material:100% poison-free Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Size:The size is relatively large
Wake up or keep running - PulloverWake up or keep running - PulloverWake up or keep running - Pullover