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Stop the greed / Vegan / 3rd world - Pullover

Stop the greed / Vegan / 3rd world - Pullover

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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First we obviously have to work instensely on ourselves and within ourselves to improve the world. But by the given conditions which already influence us from both, the world is cought in an infinite circle in which the majority exploits each other for their advantage or out of fear of survival and each person eats hundreds of tortured mass held animals throughout their life.

On the depiction of the pullover you can see a careless rich man who steps on a poor man of the third world without paying any thought to it while holding a haunch of meat in his hand. Even if you don't share the thought of having to protect animals, you can see the meat as playing a side role, so that the rich stuffs himself without worry while the other has to starve and be in pain.

It's important to understand that donations don't make it better. The opposite is the cause, because the donations let people survive in areas where no more food can be grown, so that even more will starve, because they will have more children instead of directly dying where they cannot survive.
The problem is the system which decides that the money from the countries would weight up a different amount of value and forces the peoples to take part in a school system and pay taxes instead of living on in free villages which were able to supply themselves. There are a handful of people trying to make it look like work, schools, vaccinations and a "development" of the countries would help these inhabitants, while one could think they're actually being pushed into a modern system of slavery and made into our subservants, as it has been done to us a long time ago already.

Product features

Material:100% poison-free Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Size:The size is relatively large
Stop the greed / Vegan / 3rd world - PulloverStop the greed / Vegan / 3rd world - PulloverStop the greed / Vegan / 3rd world - Pullover