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Demockracy - Satire - Pullover

Demockracy - Satire - Pullover

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Manufacturer: Weiswehr
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This pullover displays a satire about the democracy. The police is an executive power where those hide behind who have the judges in their hand. After all these are being protected by their own rules.

The biggest problem about democracy is that the mass media creates the opinions. That way always those parties are known and highlighted as positive who have the richest and most influental concerns behind them.

Before the conquest of the Romans, humans still lived happily without rules, so that every village had one or more village elders, or also called shamans. They were both the psychologists, as well as herbalists. When the rare case of a conflict arose, the shaman decided about what is best for everyone, because he spent a lot of time in his mind and spirit and dedicated himself for the greater good of everyone.

The reason this changed is that with the growing world population some day someone existed who only thought about himself and caused a world devouring viral wave of slavery and conquest through an enforcement system. This means that shamans have actually been a good soluation. If we'd ever come back to that state, we'd have to interconnect beforehand, so that people can recognize such a virus early and defend against it together instead of once again having 40 people facing a Roman army of a million tin soldiers. Free people at least have a big advantage - they're wiser and can defend against a lot more attackers. Today the inheritors of the inventors of money and conquerors are in power, because, the more you already own, the more you additionally receive, while the worth of money and the control automatically have to reduce for everyone else. It would then be even better to take of the well-being of the universe and help out other life forms to fend off the inefficient evil, so we don't just destroy nature to be able to live.

Product features

Material:100% poison-free Cotton
Washing Info:30 Degree
Size:The size is relatively large
Demockracy - Satire - PulloverDemockracy - Satire - PulloverDemockracy - Satire - Pullover